[2020 Upgrade] DogTrainerPro™ Anti-Bark Dog Training Device

[2020 Upgrade] DogTrainerPro™ Anti-Bark Dog Training Device - WoofAddict

[2020 Upgrade] DogTrainerPro™ Anti-Bark Dog Training Device

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Does Your Dog Bark Non-Stop?!

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This Simple Device Stops Annoying Dog Barking in Seconds!

  • Effective Bark Control & Dog Training - Our 2-in-1 DogTrainerPro ultrasonic anti-bark device provides a safe and effective solution to control for unwanted barking and bad dog behavior. The anti-bark device can effectively train your dogs to stop bad behaviors such as excessive barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, etc.
  • Train Your Dog Like a Professional - No skills required are necessary to effectively use the DogTrainerPro. Simply press and hold the button and the anti-bark deterrent will emit an ultrasonic sound to attract the dog’s attention. The LED light on top of the button can indicate working status and low power mode.
  • Safe & Suitable for All Sizes & Breeds of Dogs – Unlike shock collars that can cause permanent health damage, the DogTrainerPro emits a short ultrasonic sound that grabs the dog’s attention but will not hurt their hearing. The anti-bark device can be applied to all dog breeds and sizes.
  • Keep Unfriendly Dogs Away – The DogTrainerPro is capable of sending a message to approaching dogs before they become aggressive in order to protect yourself from dangerous dogs while walking, jogging, or bicycling.
  • Safe for You - The average hearing frequency for dogs ranges 15HZ to 120KHZ. The DogTrainerPro ultrasonic bark control emits ultrasonic sound at ~25KHZ, making it difficult for humans to hear.
  • Portable & Convenient – With its handheld size, lightweight design, and attached wrist strap, the DogTrainerPro can be brought and used anywhere! It runs on a standard 9V battery (not included). Handy for training and personal safety.

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Love your dog but hate the bad behavior?

The DogTrainerPro allows you to safely and effectively deter their bad behavior. No longer fear how your dog will behave when company comes over to visit or when encountering other dogs on walks or at the park.

❌ No more barking!

❌ No more bad behavior!

❌ No more waking up to unwanted night barking!

❌ No more fear of unfriendly dogs!

✔️ Train the best dog on the block!

✔️ Have a great relationship with your dog!

✔️ Enjoy your dog’s companionship!

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Train Your Dog Like a Professional

Are you looking for a more well-behaved dog? Utilizing the DogTrainerPro, in conjunction with other training aids, can greatly improve your dog’s behavior.

With it’s simple, easy-to-use design, you have a safe and effective solution to control for unwanted barking and other bad behavior such as:

  • Excessive barking
  • Digging
  • Eating unsafe food
  • Fighting
  • And more!

Just open the battery cover of the DogTrainerPro anti-bark device and insert one (1) 9V battery (not included) to begin taking control of your dog’s bad behavior.

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How to Use the DogTrainerPro

WoofAddict is committed to building better communication channels for humans and pets. With the DogTrainerPro anti-bark device, every time your dog is biting, jumping, leash pulling, etc., simply press the button and point the ultrasonic dog training device directly at him.

When your dog reacts positively, praise and reward them. They will learn what kind of behavior is unacceptable and what is desired.

How To Use the DogTrainerPro Anti-Bark Device:
1. Point your device directly at the dog always using an outstretched arm from a distance of approximately 6 feet away (effective up to approx. 20 feet).
2. Give a verbal command, then immediately press the button for one or two seconds.
3. Repeat steps one and two until your pet responds to your commands.

*Please Note*

We do not recommend deliberately testing a dog as they will gradually become used to the sound and no longer respond.

While the DogTrainerPro works on most dogs, some dogs will not respond. 

We do not recommend using the DogTrainerPro on dogs younger than six (6) months. They are still young and may not have the mental aptitude to understand the training you are providing.

To be most effective, you should utilize this anti-bark device as a training aid, along with other training tools. Please be patient during this training process.

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Customers Love the DogTrainerPro!

“While there are much more expensive options for sonic, anti-barking devices, this one works fine for a fraction of the price. I appreciate how small it is and how easily it fits in my hand. With the included strap, I can let it hang from my wrist while my dog is behaving, too, so it isn't in the way. I only use this very sparingly and my dog does respond better than if I yell his name or "no," etc. - Kerri from Wyoming

“This handheld device works exceptionally well at getting a dog's attention. They do not like this frequency at all, so associating it with the undesired behavior works well in training. It's lightweight, easy to use, and runs on a standard 9V battery. Handy for training and personal safety.” - Benjamin from Texas

“I really didn’t think this would work but it does - every time! Worth every penny. Also bought one for my RV when we travel. It’s not necessary to hold the button down for long to get a response. I tap the button quickly and that’s enough to let him know that “no” means no.” - Carolyn from Illinois


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